Dead Flowers Dreams Testo

Testo Dead Flowers Dreams

Like an Eoalian harp I shiver the wind
In every drop is smack of pain
Day by day aven more deep
Penetrate by vagancy gloomy vanity

I throw myself into the waves
Life by life
In vain bloody jewel streams in veins
When soul pains in vacanty of time

I hear song of mute birds
Song in valley of vanity
I dream dead flowers dreams
Dreams in valley of vanity

I couldn't escape
Merger of cells
Imprisoned in utero
I don't percieve a space

Without true passion
Penetrate through vacancy of vanity

To leam the birds to fly
To kiss their dying wings
To cut the flowers off for beauty
Like an Eoalian harp I shiver in the wind

Broken in my solitude
All is more vanity.
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