Carnal Testo

Testo Carnal

Vasco Rossi, il Live Kom ‘016 parte da Lignano Sabbiadoro
[The person of Austin Osman Spare (1888-1956) is a splendid example of]
[misunderstood and forgotten genius. Deserving the fame of Beardsley, he is now]
[almost unknown outside the occult scene. Trained in ceremonial magic under A.]
[Crowley, he later created his own ZOS KIA CULTUS, which can be called "urban]
[shamanism". The famous sigilization, some Chaos Magick principles, etc. bear]
[his influence. Besides many breath-taking art pieces of painting he left]
[several books where the passion of Blake meets Nietzsche's harshness.]

I tasted the fever of Your existence
seems like cold grain to my mouth
I stand aside, I stay away
transmuting my quicksilver blood

KIA - that I may see
ZOS - that I may touch
insipid are the describing words
the self needs no vulgar praise

This worship has no supplications
my rite is to live and do
things naked, pure, of honest lust
the throbbing vortex feeds on it all

Sleep is the best of possible prayers
the winged eyes are blessed to see
downtrodden deception of every torment
transpierced hymens my lust adores

Many images yet one raw flesh
animal steps I love to tread
an ideal point where Time is Space
memory giant sores this journey must heal

Lady of Mourning and her monsters
lay down the scythes for here I come
joyful and priapic my baby soul
a new-born one, ten million years old
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