Only Hell Knows Testo

Testo Only Hell Knows

Once upon the time
The Gods need a change
Dethrone or destroy
Just to kill the silence

Above or below
By fire or by Sword
So human feelings
Like hate or disgrace
Why a need to kill, to fight, burn, enslave
Why a need to die...

Only hell knows

Banners flutter proud
The armour is ready
No forgiveness, no mercy
Go now and kill them all!!!

Once upon the time
The Gods go to war
Punish or revenge
Just to show the power

Above or below
By fire or by sword
Obscure feelings
Like faith or treason
Why a need to crush, to grind or disembowel
Why a need to rape, to crucify
Why a need to raise, to fly, dictate and rule
Why a need to fall

Only hell knows
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