Reign Forever World Testo

Testo Reign Forever World

[Music: Piotr Wiwczarek, Lyric: Lukasz Szurminski]

"The inevitable process of evolution,
climbing on to the higher levels of development
is today available only for the chosen.
This is a true fruit of Christian pestilence but also a reflection
of the eternal law of nature: the rulers need the mob".

Left hand vested in the symbol of Mars
Right hand vested in the symbol of Sun
Standing proud
We raise foreheads adorned with the symbol of Jupiter

The end of the Nazarene has come...
We evoke dominion
We bring this world to its knees

Dominating, masterful, self-assured
Invoking our wishes
Whirling in chaos
With yellow red and blue
We as chaos...

We evoke dominion
We as chaos assume control!
We as chaos, we rule our lives
We bring this world to its knees
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