Return To The Morbid Reich Testo

Testo Return To The Morbid Reich

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Decades went by as the crusades marched on
Huge army blessed by sanctuary in black
Guardians of Empire, our Morbid Reich
Sky touching castles, dark palaces where Evil never dies

[lead Spider]
[lead Peter]

We march again to wipe out the unpure
All light is threatened by the dark flags
Smashed by the might
Ruined and splintered, the age of demise has arrived

[lead Peter]
[lead Spider]

Beyond this veil, veil of tears, we take all life forever
Pride and glory, lust and hate, it's all what we feel
Emerging from the Netherworld, into the light
Our shields all covered by warm virgin blood
Crows and vultures fly over heads
Foreshadowing the return to the Morbid Reich
Displaying foes heads on the spikes
We are coming back, coming home
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