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[Lead: Peter]

Forthcoming transformation
Of endless being
Fortitude is not enough
Ominous face and twisted body
Everything upside down
Calamitous coincidence
And now i'm half-life,half-dead...

[Lead: Mauser]

In the search through the ruins
Among weird kingdoms
We found our death

Cocoon of thoughts
Downtrodden in the maze of pain
Creatures which were formed
From sin and wounds

No one give credence
Of nightmare inside
No one give credence
What happened last rite

[Lead: Mauser]

Now when everything passed away
I'm wondering
Where i was and who am i
This stranger in the mirror
In the mist of winter breath
Looking for the flesh
Found spiritual dimensions
Where he lost his path

Scarica la suoneria di Stranger In The Mirror!
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