A Disoriented Blur Testo

Testo A Disoriented Blur

I was confused. The doctor stared at me with a smile as he reached out with a scalpel
cut off a piece of her brain and stuck it in his mouth and smiled with every
chew. He closed his eyes while chewing, personifying the taste and pleasure.
The lady was oblivious. She could not feel anything. I was sill confused by
what was happening and how I ended up here. Why must I witness this act of
savored lust? Then he closed the trap door, one bite was enough for now. The
poor lady, brain exposed crying holding a decapitated head with its cranium split. Then it hit me. Where's the rest of the
man, why is she holding the head. The lady had bent her head forward again
releasing her brain from its womb to be met by a strangers. She stopped crying
and started screaming. I started to get depressed. She was removed, felt so
alone, after she left only friend gone. (TO BE EATEN) everything except her
face a symbol of the treasure they keep it was agony.(RAVEN, RAVEN) The man's
head on the other side of the room looking through me with utter grief and
despair on his face it was agony...
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