American Scholar Testo

Testo American Scholar

Alessandra Amoroso, il concerto è già sold out
We live our lives one contradiction at a time: "Dying is glorious" or "Slavery is freedom."

Don't stop trying, fight it out, push it out.

We live our lives one blackout at a time. Inspiration means dedication to attention.

"We are the dead," "We are the dead," "You are the dead." We are the captivated, we chant along.

How did we think we could do this on our own? (Just breathe in)
And why, oh why, have we been fooled for so long? (Just exhale)

We got knives in our throats, and we can't sing. And we, we are the captivated.
(And my heart bleeds like a cheap red pen.)

We will slide along, if we want to
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