A Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers: S.h.m. Testo

Testo A Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers: S.h.m.

Justin Bieber: esce il 28 agosto il nuovo singolo "What Do You Mean?"
'Unreal, unreal' ghost helmsmen scream
and fall in through the sky,
not breaking through my seagull shrieks...
no breaks until I die:
the spectres scratch on window-slits -
hollowed faces and mindless grins
only intent on destroying what they've lost.

I crawl the wall till steepness ends
in the vertical fall;
my pain has sailed into the sea:
no joking hopes at dawn.
White bone shine in the iron-jaw mask
lost mastheads pierce the freezing dark
and parallel my isolated tower...
no paraffin for the flame
no harbour left to gain.