Mighty Like A Rose Testo

Testo Mighty Like A Rose

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
You have drowned
a thousand sorrows
all in one,
and mixed with mugs, (?)
and millionaires
you have done.
Ya' been and gone and done it
for a quid,
and just what you don't know,
up there you got hid.

Lord, you're only
fourteen summers
and God knows,
yeah, child,
you're gettin' mighty
like a rose.

You got pulled (?)
for tryin' to straighten
up this town,
and looked bashful
bribin' old, bent
Barrister Brown.

Ya' know, their turnin' on
in the classroom
ain't the point.
It's when you're missin' out
teacher teach ya' how to
roll a joint.

Lord, hey,
while you're down there
lookin' up my nose,
child you're gettin' mighty
like a rose.

Next time they try to fire me,
ya' make the scene.
You're gettin' sugar cubes
for breakfast.
Ya' know what I mean.

And the, the hazard old, (?)
the wind blows
through you' ears.
Ya' haven't got enough
of those
what ya'
haven't got for years.
Yeah, but never mind
steppin' on my toes.
Yeah, child,
you're gettin' mighty
like a rose.

Yeah, hey, hey,
you're mighty like a rose.
Uh-huh, aww, aww, aww, aww, aww, aww,
mmm-mm, mmm-mm, mmm-mm, mmm-mm...
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