Too Many Myths Testo

Testo Too Many Myths

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
(Van Morrison)

Too many myths
People just assuming things that aren't true
There's too many myths
Coming between me and you
You might have your name up in lights
But you still have to keep your game uptight

Too many myths
Tell me, tell me how you gonna cope with this
Too many myths
You act like you've never been kissed
You put your name up in lights
And now you gotta keep your game uptight

You got problems
I got problems too
Everybody's gonna think
There must be something wrong with you because
There's just too many myths
Can't you see I'm just trying to stay in the game
Just too many myths
I'm just trying to maintain
Sure I got my name in lights
But I've still gotta keep my game uptight

[Instrumental break]

You got problems
And I got problems too
But that doesn't necessarily mean that
There's something wrong with you
There's just too many myths,
Baby I'm just trying to stay in the game
There's far too many myths
I'm just trying to maintain
I got my name up in lights
But I'm just trying to keep my game uptight
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