I Don't Believe In Santa Clause Testo

Testo I Don't Believe In Santa Clause

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
I don't believe in Santa Clause-
his corporate image forced upon
the blinded spending masses,
to enslave the lower classes

with obligatory gifts that serve to cleanse
a year of guilt and shame.
One token gesture justifies
the apathetic, hypnotized.

Leaving them to be Kris Kringle's slaves.
Buy! Buy! I won't do it.
The seasons obligation has not my participation.
Buy! Buy! I won't do it.
The money hungry mating call of corporate swine.

It's only for the money!
It's only for the money!
It's only for the money!
It's only for the money!
Now Buy!

He monitors naughty and nice-
Big brother is St. Nick!
Methodically his judgment made
documented on his list.

I- Don't believe in Santa Clause
or his mystical facade
to teach the children wanton greed,
they're lust for gifts becomes a need.

Brainwashed by the marketing
and victims of the corporate scheme.
Material possessions becoming they're obsessions
till human life has lost it's value
and you blindly do just what they tell you
I don't believe!!!!

His tactics of intimidation repress the minds of youth
using fear for generations, His image hides the truth
He's just a puppet for the system, a glutton in a suit
with Yuletide propaganda and a bearded mask to boot!
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