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Testo The Day Farrah Fawcett Died

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birds in the air
never chirped the same
slobs in bowling alleys
never burped the same
they came to cry
shocked with disbelief
a broken mass of millions
all drowning in their grief

she was just an innocent
how could you lord?
they cried the day
that farrah fawcett died

Throughout the globe
every chinese man and turk
their unifying symbol
they really liked her work
but who's to blame?
no one made a move
until i find out who did this
nobody leaves the room

they say the road was icy
but that just don't add up
a bushy-haired intruder
another government cover up!
a drug-related overdose
a hunting accident
death at the hands of another,
i'll bet!

first JFK
and then we lost the king
thank god it must be over now
they say they come in threes
but still i ache
the world has lost a friend
i'll trade all
of my viewmaster reels
to see her once again

Scarica la suoneria di The Day Farrah Fawcett Died!
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