Never Underestimate A Girl Testo

Testo Never Underestimate A Girl

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
It takes a girl to understand
Just how to win
She knows...She can
I think it's clear
Who wears the pants
What boy...could stand...a chance

She makes it look easy
In control completely
She'll get the best of you...every single...time
Thought by now you'd realize you should

Never underestimate a girl
Gets anything she wants
She's never gonna stop
(You know it...we know it)
Never underestimate a girl
She's always got a plan
The world is in her hands

She got the lipstick
Puts it together
Boys have it good
But girls have it better...(watch out)
Your secretary might
End up your boss
Whether you...really like it...or not

She makes it look easy
In control completely
She'll get the best of you... every single...time
That's no no you should


She might be the president
Make all the rules
Don't try to win the game
You're only gonna lose
Now girls you know we got it
Got it goin on
We've been tryin to tell them all along
Listen up guys
Take a little sound advice

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