Minutes Of Power Testo

Testo Minutes Of Power

Crank it up, yo, and let me hear that system bump
Cuz with this here I gotta get over the hump
And you know what that means (that means)
Kickin' out funky rhymes "G" (rhymes "G")
I got the funky rhymes that'll please (that'll please)
And my jams break overseas (overseas)
So when I come to town be prepared to be hyped up
Cuz when the mic's turned on I get psyched up (psyched up)
The V.I.P. gets it started with intro
Bustin' smooth moves on top of instrumental
Turn up the beats in the Jeeps louder
Here we go y'all - with minutes of power
Minutes of power

Minutes of power
When I step to the mic - bro
Vanilla Ice does it right
And what I'm sayin' is - Yo!
Ya suckers frontin' what ya wantin' is for me to fade
Thought I was outta here fools
I ain't goin' away
Back with the track that will keep my bank fat
HA! Vanilla's got the flavor for the funky format
An' if you're not givin' up the credit I seek -
VIP's in the house and they're ready to creep
Now whatcha gonna do when my boys are on you?
You know a hard head makes for a soft shoe
So turn it up for the passengers - LOUDER!
It's Vanilla Killa with Minutes of Power

Walk through the smoke on the stage
And the girls scream
Ice gets em hot, then they melt like ice cream
Flowin' with the swiftness
Kickin' it with the quickness
Fella's gettin jealous cuz their girlies want a quick kiss
When I'm rolllin' around in my 5.0 drop top
Turning up the sounds
Cuz I wanna bump the hip hop
People gettin' mad cuz they hear the big bass hit
I turn it up more just to letcha know I won't quit
Ice has got it locked down and there's no stoppin' it
When I hear a track like this
You know that I'll be rocking it
Sounds so sweet, it could never be sour
Here we go y'all with the
Minutes of power

Now's the time for the Ice to let a rhyme rip
Loadin' up my lyrics with a 9 double M clip
Shootin' all enemies, you're not even a friend of me
I ain't Spike Lee so I do the wrong thing "G"
So down with Luther Campbell OH NO.
I don't think so
Travel state to state and and the Ice man rips shows
Steppin' in my path and you might get broken
I got it goin' on and you know I ain't jokin'
Power every hour and the Ice keeps risin'
Sellin' out arenas so don't look surprised
When Vanilla shows up and the place explodes
And if ya missed it - catch the next episode
Gather up your troops
Rush 'em to the record store -
And pick up the new LP from the Ice Man
So let the funk flow louda'
And let me hit cha - hit cha - hit cha
With the, with the

Minutes (x3) Minutes of Power
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