A Nation Of Allright Testo

Testo A Nation Of Allright

Every night I walk outside
in search of some integrity
City lights know how
to flirt perfectly with vanity
Our apathy just fades away
Another empty Saturday
And nothing changes

It’s so easy to drink
straight from our misery
We’re educated
to feed our silence
but it feels just fine
And every time
we’ve fought for something
We’ve ended up
with less than nothing
In a nation of alright

Hey, are you listening?
Hey, are you listening?

Every day I find another a way to lose my dignity
Streets fill up with the very best of mediocrity
Distractions then fade away
When empty Saturday prevails
Nothing changes

We cannot be afraid
To face our misery
But I cannot refrain
From being drawn
into this silent ground
And we will fight
Until we believe
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