History On Repeat Testo

Testo History On Repeat

Emis Killa si difende dalle accuse
can you still hear my voice
through the wind
and through the rain
it's looks like
I won't get
the chance to
say this again
you should run
you should hide
you should put yourself
in your pride
no one listened
no one cared
no one heard my words so prepare
seas will dry up
the air will fail
and everyone's heart will become stale
nobody nobody knows
the hell you've brought upon yourselves
you must accept
the end is here
to heavy to carry it all on my shoulders
I'm being crushed by the weight of it all
I don't have enough in me
to hold the weight of the world
time will end
clocks will cease
history repeat and repeat
let's say, that today
you're the reason, it ends this way
the earth stood still
refusing to take its turn
the earth stood still
stopping here and here we all burn
the earth stood still
laying here deciding death for its worth
the earth stood still
discovering life's endless curse
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