The Alarm Testo

Testo The Alarm

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
A hard fall
on a rough path
her body her betrayer
she spoke as she fought back
to lose is to lose
but i'll never die for you
and now i'm saved with
the flare, the spark, the alarm
i am willing this
i'm not alone in this fight
you've made a curse of it
there's no excuse for the trite
not one
would they believe
the things we've done
this gives my sleepless nights
a reason to be home
they're crying out
as they make their way down
in the midst of all this drowning
what will come of us
swing now hard
the reveille sounds
was it worth it
they set the fire
with eyes so wide
a sudden sense of comfort
washed over them at once
they're crying out
as they make their way down
in the midst of it
what became
swing now hard
with eyes so wide
love is all there was
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