Somebody´s Running The Show Testo

Testo Somebody´s Running The Show

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
You can´t say you don´t believe in anything
You can´t say you haven´t got a chance to change
But it´s going to be the same if you only sit and wait
You can´t say accidents are just mistakes
But you can´t say you don´t believe in anything

We all share the sun
While we are dying so young
We all have some one to love
Somebody is running the show
For us...

In the sky in the highest mountain
In the time when it all begun
In the way that we love somebody
In the light that I see in your eyes

Far beneath in the deepest ocean, a million years away from the stars
On the breeze in the air of summer
In the way I feel when you smile

But you can´t say you don´t believe in anything
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