Birth, It Began Testo

Testo Birth, It Began

I could reach for better...
We could stick together...
They will breed another...
This could be forever...

Birth, it began
It was so simple
You can pretend that we're all
just a waste of skin.

Now I walk (miles and miles)
I can talk (more than they'd like)
We'll defy, this order
I'll pretend that nothing is real
and we can all just laugh about the end.

Birth, it began
It was so simple
Now like the ants
we can be of use again.

We can leave this world behind,
lose track of time,
become refined.
You and me we're just alike.
Afraid of life, afraid to die...

I don't believe my eyes

Birth, it began
It was so simple
You can pretend, we are all
a waste
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