Memo For Me Testo

Testo Memo For Me

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Have you come for a good time
Or to bring everybody down
Serial profit of doom
Pathetic drunken clown

Full of jealousy and full of hate
Blame all your problems on the welfare state do us all a favour
And change your life sort it out
Now or use a fucking knife

I have problems or my own
Without taking all of yours
Excuse me while I take a piss
And sneak out of the door

Where is your god

Herded like cattle looked on as swine
Now that you've reached the end of the line

Where is your god

Thrown out of your home land, engaged in civil war
The persecution of minorities all sadly seen before

Where is your god

Cancer eats at you, a plague on mankind
Child taken from you, struck down from behind
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