Stoned By Mortals Testo

Testo Stoned By Mortals

Despacito da record: è la canzone più ascoltata di sempre
I will remake what your "god" have done I will remember the things you deny
How he died on the cross I'll make him die again
Foolish ones, do you believe in all his lies?
Stoned by mortals (means that)
he can be stoned again nailed by those who knows whats right and wrong
I hail those who know...
Jesus christ, Jehovah and god I deny your strength
Mortals rule this fucking earth
Tell me what sins I've done and I'll do them again
I cannot fear what I dont see 1000 years you've fought against me
without victory I will now declare war against you
and I am going to win the hordes of darkness are with me
and the weak are with you they are brave,
I can admit they fight for one they think died a thousand years ago...
I cant respect the weak!!!!!
The war is now over
I am sitting at your throne now we're going to burn this world and create a new,
recreate what you have destroyed
Banned be your fucking trinity!
Banned be the holy laws banned be the holy fucking book
the only book is printed in blood!

[Music: Pepa, Lyrics: Sin]
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