Forgiveness Testo

Testo Forgiveness

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
We were on top of the world
Looking down at it through silver glasses
When every oyster had a pearl
And I remember you and me were so happy
Those were the best times of my life
It's hard to believe that jealousy could take us in
I hate to admit that I was wrong
I have to say I really miss you here in my life

We can forgive now that we've lived enough to know unconditional love
We paid a price
We did our best
Now all that's left is a little forgiveness

Sometimes time can change your heart
But sometimes all that you can be is what you are
But God always sees us in the dark
There's nothing lost when you know what you've got when it's gone


Everyone's looking for a place where everything's beautiful
And I cannot wait anymore
To get some peace
To find some release


[Repeat Chorus]
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