Dearest Darkest Testo

Testo Dearest Darkest

The blackest hair, her lips and her skin so pale. Push back the chair, and go introduce myself. She can't play fair, and i'm in no hurry to fail. Her hand in mine, but she's the one leading. We're quite the pair, despite the fact that i'm lost. And i don't care she hates the sun and the cross. Go anywhere ware i'd follow no matter the cost. To be with her for just one more evening. Why, she's scared of the lights. Please, she hates all your gods. But, she's the one. Cause she wants it all and let her have it. It's too late for me. Start begging mercy. Now that you've got it all. It's time that i pay the price but she only makes love to the darkest nights. The streets are dark, but ever since the sun's gone down. I hear you walk, your steps follow me around. Deep in the park, is where my dead body is found. Her finger prints are all over the scene. If walls could talk they'd tell a story tonight. She stole my heart and drank 'til the skin turned white. A fatal kiss that left my neck bleeding.

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