The Set Up Testo

Testo The Set Up

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Follow this protocol to perfection. It binds us to our faults, in preparation. And it's building up to fall and it's setting up to fail. Follow this protocol to disruption. Turn to the inside. Bow my head. Step back in line. We're all wasting our time. It's all the same. Form the start. And there is no point in fulfilling this function. And there is no will. Salvation. It doesn't stop there. The truth is this world's all wrong. And i'm set up to fail. A reason. To start this trade in. Of a system. What do you say to that. What can i say when actions won't do and this song is so true. Do you feel the same way too in regards to what you do. Set it aside. Turn to the inside. Bow my head till i die.

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