The Last Fantasy Of Christ Testo

Testo The Last Fantasy Of Christ

His head drops gently upon simple rolled cloth
His meek conditions depress
Reflecting upon the days events
How much time he's lost

Healing the sick, Raising the dead, Being a savior
His words create belief

Through a vast wasteland to spread belief
"when will they understand?"
From city to city to spread God's word
A man can live only so long....

He sighs drifting off into sleep
So many to touch deeply,
In his mind he is right....chosen one!

His dream foretells of his kingdom-die!
His picture on walls of bedrooms-almighty Christ!
He will be martyred in their eyes-he smiles!
People will die forever in-his name!

"Even if you did exist, you'll never know what happened to us, you died before it even began..."

But next he sees what will send him into sadness
Depressed, angered, insane....this young girl with a lust
for his blood and his cock, gazing sexually at him
He knows his point is lost on whores and on the rest
No need for him to live, maybe death would even help....
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