What You've Become Testo

Testo What You've Become

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Smile at me again, but I know what's on your mind
It's so easy for you, tell me what I want to hear
Damn your lies, sliding my blade across your face
I can smile at you and terror courses through your veins

I know how you feel, and I feel just the same
Deep in my mind, the sledge is raised to remove your brain
Verbally I lie but mentally I'm raping your corpse
Dreaming of your extinction, I smile and tell you you're my friend

They look at me and they think I'm just like them
I will show you how I really feel

Preparing for a vision of hell

The incision is made under the left tear duct
Gliding slowly across the jugular, my hand warm and moist
Across the breastbone exposing the glistening ribcage
And finally arriving at the vast cornucopia of organs in your lower
abdominal area

Your death pleases me, you smile at me no more, stiffened corpses cannot

Your words cannot hurt, your tongue is stapled to my wall
Fuck you and your lies, your mouth is now my urinal
I can smile at you, I am happy with what you've become

They look at me and they think I'm just like them
I will show you how I really feel
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