Not Yet Testo

Testo Not Yet

Mama when she'd ride that horse Buried out in Wilson fields Mama'd tell me all she thought Mama'd tell me all how riding feels

And I thought Not yet.

Then when mama got too old No one ever rode that horse Until one night I stole her key And I did ride it all night 'till dawn

When I thought Not yet.

It looks an ugly world out there Of girl-guides and disease and war I love my little velvet bed I never want to leave it anymore

At least Not yet.

Charlie was the first I caught And Charlie was the first I begged To lay an anchor in my heart He was running his fingers down the inside of my legs

When I thought Not yet.

All my fears will come to me in dreams Maybe the end ain't as far as it seems Not yet revived but not yet mourned Not quite denied just not yet born
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