Millennium Of Disgrace Testo

Testo Millennium Of Disgrace

Where our world is - the land of full moon?
Will that once had been ever come back?
Where's your pride, White Man?
Has the cross veiled your eyes?

For thousand years strangers kept this land to dishonour
To the people of strange blood you've sold your honour
Your forefathers call you to avenge their blood
The heritage of ancestors which you have to fulfil

But now the time has come!
You must wake and call the oath
Millenium of disgrace you'll erase
Because your blood ordains you this!

There are legions of those like you left
Go that we can take revenge for forefather's tears
Golden cross symbol of Europe's extinction
We stand by your side, warrior pride is what leads us!

Loyalty is our honour - loyalty to our blood
Go awake - Aryan and handle the sword
Time has come now
Thousand years of disgrace to erase!
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