Confusion Is Best Testo

Testo Confusion Is Best

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
A new song for better days
Given time we've learned to share
I'm not scared / I'm prepared
I'm unaddressed
And when I go I go alone
Suit yourself / I lose myself
But gravity is holding me
Once more

The Satellites that spin above
Are spitting out a little hope
I want a candle on my cake
Fill the streets with parades
Wake me up somehow
Wake me up a thousand times
But wake me up with a smile
Cause Friday rocks .. oh no!

I do confess
Take more / Give less
Forget it Forget it Forget it
Anything fades while tomorrow is past
You leave me dry
But Confusion is Best

Take a flood to clean the streets
Wash my trace from your skin
I'm everyone / I'm everyone
See through me
Take your chance
I'll do my best
Screaming sirens in my head
It's time to move from the big mistake
That we made

Another heart
has made the grade
Forget it Forget it Forget
Anything fades while tomorrow is past
You leave me dry
But Confusion Is Best
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