Decay Testo

Testo Decay

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
it's too late now to start the fight it's too late now to get out of sight it's too late now to try and run away it's too late now all our lives are decay we sit alone watch the world explode watch everything unfold to dust now in the light of misfortune now we take our feelings back and hide the whole away to show decay of stability you will all just die in detest we won't feel a thing now we all flip into infinity we live our lives we feel so cold inside and desolate for now are we just misfortune a sickness disease a life of cancer or just hiv your life is fading away your time is slipping away the force of life is draini ng away welcome to the night where you will die forever in this hell you created for yourself forever and ever repeating the doom of nothing but a slave

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