Lysergia Testo

Testo Lysergia

Acid dreams and nicotine
Violent screams from mezzanine
Seems to keep on propelling me
Head first into nightmare scene
Through too many seamless nights
When time to sleep is time for light

Putting the nervous system on hold
Reaching sleep depravation untold
Keep an endless supply to the brain
Getting even harder to maintain
To keep grasp an even keel
Before my adrenaline gods I kneel
Social skills are shot to shit
When paranoia starts to hit

Reverse this feeling so screwed up
Into Delirium forced heads up
Stretching faces, melting clocks
Stomach knot, the spine it locks
Strangled by this fraying wire
Twisted sideways Drifting higher
Round and round and round again
And to this night there is no end
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