And The Brave Man Fails Testo

Testo And The Brave Man Fails

E' Rovazzi-Morandi la coppia dell'estate
Fighting soldiers running wild
to salute their Lord
Make a sacrifice tonight, kill men from abroad
They can't escape, there's no place to run
Stupid methods, fear of death,
'til the battle's done
The President has said to 'em:
"The enemy is near!
Kill'em all, defend your country,
march out without fear!"
Despotism at it's best, see the fuckin' slaves
Detonation, chaos, death, digging
their own graves
Die in hell
Good men on the one side,
good are the others, too
Got the order: "kill each other, that's what you must do!"
Disarmament, deitente, peace -
promises, not more
Reality are fightin' soldiers dying in this war
Die in hell
Stop these politicians, for they create the war
They're the men, you have to fight against 'em
there's no law
Strike down this madness, soldier take revenge!
Take your destiny in hand, it's you must defend!
Die in hell.
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