Cardboard Vs. Fire Testo

Testo Cardboard Vs. Fire

screaming kamasutra at the brothel
we walk alone because we walk the line
never should repeat a rattled message
deprived us of the rights to exercise
dig too deep and you'll be digging your own grave
like me. Cause caution fell asleep at the wheel
write your own prayer
screaming bloody murder for attention
we're always hoping and it's times like this
where one by one we'd walk into the ocean
and drown ourselves with no remorse for one last kiss
starborn princess drunken bond with life
Vegas road by night and lack of luck
neck versus axe cardboard versus fire
I swear we'll shake it off.
someone make it better
someone make it a ok
someone make it easy
someone make it go away
someone take the reigns now
I don't wanna die alone
someone take the keys now
so I'll make it home
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