I'm A Gleek Testo

Testo I'm A Gleek

Are all your facebook friends going on a strike ?
Cause all your quiz results which Glee character you're like
do you count down how many days left to go
Until next Tuesday night you quote lines from the show
Do you ever feel like bursting out in song?
But your classmates look at you like there is something wrong
Do you ever wonder what's come over you
Your friends have their own thoughts
They think you've lost a screw

It's alright
You're not alone
So just sing along and play your aire trombone

I admit that I'm a gleek
I replay it on my DVR twice a week
Got the DVD box set of season one and two
Even have a temporary Glee tattoo
I admit that I'm gleek
I replay it on my DVR twice a week
Yeah it's my favorite show show show
Now break it down and make it slow slow slow

Boom boom boom
Now let's add in some balloon, loons, loons
And now it's play the drums with spoons
And show some random cute raccoons
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