Poker Face Parody Outer Space Testo

Testo Poker Face Parody Outer Space

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They always ask me
Lady Gaga whats your race?
I only tell 'em i'm from a far away place
Cristina Agulera looks like
she could be my sis
But when she's driving her new
bentley i'll be flying my space ship

Ooooooh ooooh oh oh oh oh
no dial tone use my finger
to phone home
Ooooooh ooooh oh oh oh oh
My finger's good for phon'in
cause i don't get charged for roamin

Can't deny can't deny that
i am really from Outer Space
Can't deny can't deny that
i am really from Outer Space
Ouououououter space ouououououter space{space}
ouououououter space
ouououououter space{space}

I pimp my flying saucer out
with rhyme stone bling
I use to date Java that Heart
we had a fling
and my master had created
crop circles fom the sky
my only insecurity is my extra eye


Don't you tell me that i'm ckook ckook
cause i will come and abduct you
and plant a trackter in your nose
use a probe you know where that goes

{Robot singing the Chours}
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