The End Is Nigh Testo

Testo The End Is Nigh

It's been a long time since I came around
Been building up a bunker underneath the ground
I'm hiding from JWoww's new scary face lift
Space is getting frisky with planet X
I found out that Sarah Palin is a lizard with specs
The "Dance Moms" teacher tried to dance and caused a polar shift
I said look around it won't be long
Till the lizards land a spaceship right on top of your lawn
So just sit back down and down prepare
I'll be ready with my tin foil for the solar flares

There's something
There's something about her face
Someting when you connect the dot
You find a message from an alien race
Just another sign of the end
But you just keep on rolling your eyes
It's time that you wake up and see the signs

A few years back, the Matans let you know
That the sky would rain white power. Wait! That's Lilo's blow
Guidos running rabid and guidettes too
Nostradamus he forsaw the birth scene in "Breaking Dawn"
It was just a sign of what's to come with Snooli's spawn
Now don't get the apocalyptic blues
I said sit back down it won't be long
Till Kim Kardashian leaks another disastrous song
Don't ask for mercy, no don't you beg
Oh non the city's been attacked by Angelina's leg

There's something
There's something about Tom Cruise
He's gor intergalactic connections
He's gotta know something that we all don't
I mean the man wears platform shoes
It's clear now all the orange spray tans are a sign
We're all gonna fry
But then the Kardashians should be enough proof
The end is nigh

The end is nigh
Baby we're all gonna fry
The end is nigh
And we're all gonna fry
The end is nigh
We're all gonna fry
The end is nigh
And we're all gonna fry
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