You Look Like Poo Testo

Testo You Look Like Poo

Everybody needs my creations
Everybody needs my clothes
Abeautiful melody
My face between your toes
Even if it is doomsay
You won't have your dismay

When the world
Is alling apart
You just go
Buy my clothes at Wal-Mart
If you don't
Welle then
You'll look like poo
When the waves
Are flooding your house
Well, who cares
As long as you're wearing my blouse
Or else...
You know you'll look like poo

Fashion is my salvation
I always look cute
That's why people watch me sing
With the sound on mute
When you are dodging debris
Just turn on my new CD

When the bombs
Are exploding like that
Just put on my my leopard print fedora hat
Or else...
You know you'll look like poo
When the wind
Is taking control
Find an ice cream stand
And grab oh to the pole
Work it girl
Or else....
You'll look like poo

(The there's my Hannah Montana brand)
Fabric chair
Chapstick rings
Barbie swings
Pink lip gloss
Dental floss
Orange juice
Shaving mousse
Eye glitter
Cat litter
Gold watches
Bedding sheets
Candy treats
Deli meat
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