Cyberchrist Testo

Testo Cyberchrist

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
[Smyth, Thorpe, Thorn]

There'll come a day when we throw the switch
with so much power at our fingertips
pounding the keys like we're hammering nails
all the way through
stare at the screen like a man possessed
fixed on the faith, this is not a test
we come together for the birth of a God
a new God
Download the bible in your silicon church
preachin' the word of the holy man
you lost your way till you logged on to soul search
and found your way home
Lords of the world, messiah machines
they're talkin' in tongues, dreamin' digital dreams
Cyberchrist loves one and all
Get high on the rise, come down on the fall
Exhault the new God
Unto this power I've become a slave
locked in the web I've been here for days
I give my all and bow to you
But still you laugh
I pray to heaven through a modem of hell
addicted to this virtual drug
crucify this voodoo machine
and pull the hallowed plug
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