...I Think Coolsville Sucks! Testo

Testo ...I Think Coolsville Sucks!

Gianna Nannini annuncia il nuovo disco e il tour europeo
Sneaking out at 1 am, Just to come back home again
The lifeguard tower's where it's at, You make me feel so desperate
Twist my words around again, I swear I'm gonna bust your head
I didn't think it'd be so hard today, To get this sucka out of bed

You just keep pissing me off again, Stop treating me like I'm wrong again
Don't tell because you can't see, Don't tell me what the fuck to be, and,
Don't worry about it she'll tell me, It isn't so bad you will see
At least you haven't turned out, Just like me

Your perception of what's going on is in desperate need of review
All the scumbags lay in bed, I think that you should do it to
When I think about being cool, Or drowning myself in this pool
And now I'm stuck here missing you, For all the things that you went through and,

You say that you want some, Well I say motherfucker come on
We were caught twice that night, But we're still doing quite alright
Well my friends well I have gone, and all I leave you with is this song
And fuck the times I wasted with you

This anger burning through the night, And I can't make this one come out right
You can drop the act now, No one's coming to my side
And I'll leave this house and leave this town, And you'll never hear me say goodbye
This sinning is just way to much fun, And I'm not sorry for what I've done
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