Hope That You Know Testo

Testo Hope That You Know

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
His smile lights up a room, but how would you know?
He plays all Sunday afternoon.
Baby boy don't understand the rules.
It's work and no play - that's all in the day,
but how would you know?
Never really thought the fallout would be so
sinking forever - swim or get swallowed.
There's holes in this nightmare but you're standing right there.
Wish you would know him. I want you to know him.
I don't understand - where did you go?
I hope that you know.
I never thought that you would want to miss out
on the sweetest sensation of holding your grandson.
Do you remember what we talked about in growing up?
Me and you. Mother and son. Mother why?
Why don't you know me? Why won't you know me? Why don't you know?
I hope that you know.
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