The Lonesome Rider Testo

Testo The Lonesome Rider

(feat. Sarah Blackwood)

Rita where have you gone
I've been missing you for far too long
I feel so blue haven't you heard
I am the lonesome rider hear the lonesome rider's call home

Reaper where have you gone
see the lonesome rider carry on
his pain so blue haven't you heard
he is the lonesome rider it's the lonesome rider's call home

Just feel all the love I'm giving you
I'm back from the war I've been missing you
where have you gone my baby blue
I'm here all alone I've bleeding too

Reaper please take him home
he's been wandering for far too long
he feels so blue haven't you heard
he is the lonesome rider it's the lonsome rider's call home

The dark reaper led the cowboy ahead into his final sunset
the dawn soon to come a cold wind will blow
he's on his way home
my love never will be apart
and we'll feel the sadness peeling from our fate
the day has now come where we belong together again
farewell so long

Rita I'm not alone
I can see you waiting in the doorway of our little cabin home
I feel so new haven't you heard
I was the lonesome rider and the lonesome rider is home
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