Fag Basher Testo

Testo Fag Basher

Vasco Rossi, il Live Kom ‘016 parte da Lignano Sabbiadoro
Don't look back at your wasted like us don't even try your visceral acts won't go unchecked I'm fucking?
fed up you cant eat my shit you give a whole new meaning to the word sickening I'm ready to snap get
ready no holds barred ballistic out of my face or you will fucking meet your maker I'm godless possessed
my target is you motherfucker Being politically correct is pure fucking bullshit, I've fucking said it once I'll
fucking say it again. This world hates you. There is no other way you fuckers have to pay disease dumping
ground won't water it down this world hates you kill if we let them before they fucking kill the human race
what the fuck you weren't mother fucking queer their killing us all we'll make those fuckers live in fear a
malignat growth a fucked up subculture their killing us all, if we let them were fucking failures do the words
fuck off have any fucking meaning to you our backs to the wall there's no limit to what we'll fucking do you
don't have a chance in a world that fucking hates your ass we're taking them out we'll fucking hit them hard
and hit them fast being politically correct if pure fucking bullshit I'll fucking say it again this world
hates you there is no other way you fuckers have to pay a disease dumping ground I won't water it down this
world hates you... fagbasher.....[4X]
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