Passions Just Like Mine Testo

Testo Passions Just Like Mine

Surrounded by peers, yet I feel so alone... reduced to drones we'll pack the streets from nine to five we'll leave our homes, pinch our pennies for the rainy days to feel secure in the hopes that they'll never come, we'll remain sedate while we entertain the thoughts of leaving our comfort zones, at the end of the day what will be the cost of the dreams we've traded, forever lost, dreams, hopes, ambitions, just out of reach to keep us wishing, when we should be living today's tomorrow, we should take are chance and call out for redemption, I won't be reduced to a drone, I'm taking to the streets, I'm leaving this home, I can't relate to a value system that's never summed up who I am, I'll be set apart from the norm, I just can't exist as my reason to live, with passion and drive I'll live my life, I won't let it pass me by, I won't die unfulfilled, dreams, hopes, ambitions, no longer out of reach, no need to keep on wishing, I'm going to live today's tomorrow, I'm gonna take my chance and call out for redemption, are you living life to go through the motions? Put it straight, live life with complete devotion, show me I'm not alone, show me that you share passions just like mine, I want to know, I'm not alone...

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