I Am For You Testo

Testo I Am For You

Donna arrestata per colpa di Ed Sheeran
Something's very wrong here
Your heart has frozen over
and something's very strange here
You've lost all desire
The comfort we create to prove
We're something
But we're starving
Screaming in the night cause you want answers
From the one
And there is hope again

Don't give up, your not thinking
Don't give up, just keep seeking
And I, I am for you
And I, I will love you
And I, I am for you
And I, I will save you

Come and take my face or forever I
Will walk alone
And all the same mistakes
Cause I know you, I deny you
Days go by and choices still remain forever
Right and wrong is black and white
The illusions of this world
And there is hope again

I send myself to you
Yes always and always
I send my love to you

You found today, found today,
You found today, saw today
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