Asleep At The Wheel Testo

Testo Asleep At The Wheel

J Ax: "Sono diventato tutto quello che odiavo"
Apparently the love of me is enough to put a girl to sleep
Or so I hear when I check in to see what kind of shape she's in
December 2003 waiting and unnerved maybe
She decides to go for a Mulholland drive
Clear her mind
She's so resigned
She can't ever stay awake

She can't keep her eyes open
She falls fast asleep
She's convinced herself and me
The medication's cheating her
Out of a life
A life she has to find
Since I left her behind
In the daylight this time

The time five years before meant so much more
When she moved east and knocked on my door
I was busy working making plans
She had picked up smoking in Japan
I didn't notice how thin she'd become
You see the thing about me is
I'm hard to be with hard to be without
Sometimes I just wish she would
Clear her mind
She's so resigned
She can't ever stay awake

And everything's silent when she screams
And everything's perfect when she dreams
I didn't know when I left that night
That I couldn't save her by holding her tighter

Twists and turns her cigarette burns
She thinks of all the things she's learned
About me, about men, about free
And she sighs, and she cries
Cause she can't ever stay awake

And once in awhile it's okay to give in
And fall fast asleep with ripe lips in a grin
She can't keep her eyes open
But I can't close mine
In the daylight this time
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