Balloon Testo

Testo Balloon

I imagine a balloon of people
Just holding hands and feet
Would catch in the wind and lift up
Like a wavering peopled sheet
See I never liked being social
I found it a little perplexing
What could I have in common
With people who weren't me
And what would they think
If they caught me flexing in the mirror
Making my superman face
Just stretching to make a scar in it's place
Look more like a cleft on my chin
And I believe there's a time to begin

I feel like I'm on the outside
Looking into this people-shaped blur
Writhing in this social stapler
It spits them out
Punching them through each other
Start out total strangers
Ending up as one night lovers

I never started believing what they believed
I never bothered with the habits that could hurt me
And yet it's happened that I've opened up as I've aged
And time in front of other people is like a big stage
We can make a play on
So tell me that your drive is way strong
Cause that's sexy where I come from
Trying to get away trying to move on

Can't find the confidence and
Shy girls want awkwardness and
The music makes it so we have to stand this close
I wonder if this is free
She wants to complicate me
And I want to tell her that I'm already

Never find the confidence
Never get the chance to get to you
Now I find I can't break through
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