Elevator Testo

Testo Elevator

Depress the button on your shirt
It's freshly pressed
Your hands against your chest
And let it rise up
It'll elevate you till you're twenty stories high
I hate you
For leaving me here in this room
This tiny tomb and I wait
Insistently stating my intentions
To this cold cold pasta that keeps me warm
When you are gone because

Everything changed
I don't know about you my dear
It's not the same
And you know you don't cheer
When I sing anymore
You just head for the door to pursue
What you're told you have to
And I just don't know anymore

I remember I first met you
You got off and you blew me away
I tried to move to be close in your wake
But your floor came up quick
And I lost you to the office fray
And for these forty-five consecutive rides
We've danced in the box as I strategized
How I might try to meet you and sweep you
From this crowded box and into my life but then

Why don't you
Tell me where to go
Like you did in this room
Ten minutes ago
And see how I say
I've been thinking for days
That our time is up
And it's all erupted cause
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