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Testo Windows

Ally has a problem with the suburbs
And she's planning her escape
Sick of living rooms that don't get used
And always paper plates
But she's taking men out and breaking them
To see what they might say
And she's practicing her sarcasm
Almost every single day

It's enough to make her break down
These days

She likes to paint windows
She thinks they're waking Rothko
She knows her parents don't know
What makes her believe
Cause they're half asleep

Ally has a couple of mothers
Just depends on the time of day
And again it's a problem of medication
And telling herself that it's supposed to feel this way
She's got a ticket to New York
So she'll take her problems there
And she's practicing her earnest look
So she'll have it when she cares

I sometimes watch her
Through my basement window
A little perverse a little innocent
She found her dad's easel in the stuff that he left
When he left her and now she doesn't see the sun
And I'm just glad that I'm not the only one
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