Made In Hell Testo

Testo Made In Hell

No one can escape the evil im about to bring

Satanic chaos everybody can see
Inflicting pain into the masses
Panic, fury , heinous disasters
Many are, witnessing my destruction
By my lord satans power

Pure hatred grows with every , passing hour
The body count is getting

Watching me kill
You know i refuse to be stopped
Bullets flying in the flesh , im taking souls

Total death , total death
My master shows me
Just how to show no mercy
Wasting no more time i pick up the pace

My killing moves
To the religious race
Slaying inside their place of worship
Preaching sin as i burn them
Evil is never done

Making my way back through the night
Im made in hell [x2]

Annihilation [x4]

Knowing that your end is near
From the corner
I smell the fear
I kill you
Then i disappear

As i march into the ground
Cant you tell

I was made
Was made in hell
I was made in hell
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